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What we do




What we do



Our workshops and events

All our workshops are based on social science research (social intelligence, possible selves, psychology of money, team dynamics, decisionmaking, appreciative inquiry, to name a few). There's a reason behind all the play, and a reason it works.

Money & Career Workshops. These are what we call the "Socratic workshops"--know yourself. Because before you can pursue financial literacy, before you can sketch out a career path, you should know what's important to you in life, what you want to achieve, what money means to you, what your skills are, what your risk tolerance is. These workshops help you uncover those so you have a foundation for your financial life and your career. People register for these as individuals, check this page, our FB page, and Eventbrite.

  • Money, Inside Out - This explores what money means to you, what your needs are, strategies for meeting those needs, and the budget that’s based on your inside out understanding of yourself. J2 hours.

  • What’s my Plan B? Career Workshop - Plan A doesn’t always work out, and you need Plans B-? as a backup, based not on your One True Self, but your Possible Selves. 2 hours.

  • Talk around the Kitchen Table - Designed for families, so parents and children begin talking about family values, and what those mean for family spending and saving. We’re working on an Off to College version. 2 hours.

Upcoming Events: dates and time tba

Money, Inside Out: workshops in January 2019 in Arlington, Texas

What’s my Plan B?: workshops in February 2019.

Talk around the Kitchen Table: workshops in March 2019.

Anti-Burnout Workshops. 1-3 hours, depending on group. Aimed at people in the caregiving professions (teachers, nurses, mental health workers, e.g.) and based on research in resilience and self-regulation. These are workshops that we design and facilitate in response to specific requests, so talk to us about what one could look like for your group. Here’s some examples of ones we’ve already done.

  • What does “self-care” look like to me? - an exercise with pictures, talk, post-its, and plans. 30 minutes.

  • What does “support” mean? - an exercise with pictures (pictures speed up the convo!), about the purpose of support groups. 30 minutes.

  • Incognito Superhero - Groups build their secret superpower and then construct a brand-new superhero for our times. 1 hour.

  • Caring for caregivers - Designed for caregivers for Alzheimers persons. A chance to remind yourself why you do it, and what it means to you. 2 hours.

Upcoming Events

Anti-BullyWorkshops. 15 minutes-1 hour. For kids, either a come-and-go event or a focused event for kids that stay put. Based on that same research on resilience and self-regulation for kids. This requires parental/caregiver involvement, so the family can keep talking about taking care of yourself and others. Examples below:

  • Name and build your feelings - Kids think of a feeling they’ve had recently, build it, talk to parent/caregiver about it.

  • ‘Thank you” - Kids build what they’re thankful for, we take a picture, they write about it on a postcard, and they take home card + pic.

  • My superhero - kids build the superpower/superhero they would like to be, talk about it with parent/caregiver. This is an important part of getting kids to engage with their moral identity. Plus, they put capes on their superhero.

Upcoming events

Most of these events are at The Trailhead at Clearfork, an outdoor venue hosted by a great organization. Check here, or on their FB page for the next one—we’ll start again in March 2019.

Working Together: Teams and Organizations. 2-4 hours, depending on purpose. These workshops are customized for teams - including SPORTS TEAMS - and firms to express their identity, engage in planning and goal-setting, figure out implementation, and make decisions. Talk to us about what a meeting customized for your group would look like.

We come together: Community organizations, churches, non-profits. These events are designed to let people express their connections to an organization, and what they believe its values are. These are designed and facilitated for specific organizations upon request. Examples are:

  • Us in 25 (50, 100) Years - People imagine the organization is still going strong in the future—what does it look like, how did it happen? A come-and-go event.

  • A Prayer for my City of Exile - Based on Jeremiah 29:7 (“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare”). People build their city of exile and then their prayer, and we put it all together. 2 hours.

  • Quirks & Quarks - The Chemistry of Us - People are guided through building what they bring to the organization and combining those gifts into one big molecule that is the organization, a molecule with its special characteristics and powers in the Periodic Table. 2 hours.

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About You

About You

You’ve had years, maybe decades of experience of meetings and retreats—of conversations—that are supposed to solve a problem or make a decision or at least make people work better together. And they go nowhere, as you listen to people give canned, safe non-answers and spin their wheels. Sometimes, a decision gets made or a solution is suggested, but no one will take ownership of, so nothing gets done, after all that talk.We’ve been there, too, and it is an exasperating, frustrating, foot-stomping experience. And if it’s a conversation you’ve been having with yourself, well, that’s hair-pulling territory too.

This experience becomes more intense when you add in the uncertainty and volatility of the world today, AND the increasing use of screens instead of face-to-face conversations. Something’s missing, and it’s not some expert coming in to tell you what to do. You’re the expert, you just need a way for you and others to access the ideas, experiences, and thoughts in your own heads, and a way to express them so they get a fair and full hearing, with people collaborating on a solution and not staring at a screen.

We found that way when we found out about using play to help people access their own genius to create their own solutions. That’s what we’re offering to you now. Skip the canned non-solutions, build your own successes. Call us, try us, surprise yourself.

Because we use the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology and materials--we're trained facilitators in it--people sometimes think we work for LEGO. We AND the LEGO® Group want you to know that we do not work for LEGO® and LEGO® does not endorse or sponsor us. But we do have a boatload of LEGO® bricks we use in our workshops.



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What people say about us

Here's what some participants in our workshops have said about them. No names (we protect the privacy of people who give us feedback, because the internet can be a wild place), but ask us for references if you want. 


Employee Appreciation

Thank you so much for doing the workshop for us. It was a lot of fun! This was a great activity to help staff recognize how the seemingly small things they do every day make a huge impact on people's lives and that they are all superhero's at heart. It definitely helped us positively express our appreciation to staff who don't often get that recognition.

I think it would be neat in future to have staff work together to build their superhero as a group using the Lego bricks as well, but I know we were limited on time! Awesome job to [Powered by Play]; you were great!

 Program Manager, MHMR Tarrant

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Team Bonding (Sports!)

As I was searching to find a team bonding activity to further unite a three-time national championship team of 37 women, I felt compelled by a previous Lego Serious Play experience I had been familiar with through graduate school. After getting into contact with [Powered by Play], she was immediately able to get right to the heart of the team’s culture through the use of Lego Serious Play. The session allowed the team to question one another’s values in a healthy laid-back environment, further reuniting this group in a way that has yet been done before.

[Powered by Play] was very attentive to the program’s needs, and was able to build a 3-hour long session with a detailed action plan previously prepared within the coaching staff’s wants/needs. This in itself enabled the coaching staff to weave their purpose into the session simultaneously.

If you are looking for a team/corporate bonding activity that focuses on building one another up through mental preparation in a low-key environment, I would highly recommend going through [Powered by Play] if you are located within the Texas area. With the strategies, activities, music, and guided sense of direction Susan provided, she allowed the group to find their purpose within the team and to continue focusing on the bigger picture.

Baylor Director of Operations (Acrobatics & Tumbling)

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What's Next? Career Workshop

I was surprised by how much you can learn about yourself and others from mind play--different approaches with Legos, creative but also fun. Inner child. I liked using Legos.


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Try us

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