What people say about us

Here's what some participants in our workshops have said about them. No names (we protect the privacy of people who give us feedback, because the internet can be a wild place), but ask us for references if you want. 


Employee Appreciation

Thank you so much for doing the workshop for us. It was a lot of fun! This was a great activity to help staff recognize how the seemingly small things they do every day make a huge impact on people's lives and that they are all superhero's at heart. It definitely helped us positively express our appreciation to staff who don't often get that recognition.

I think it would be neat in future to have staff work together to build their superhero as a group using the Lego bricks as well, but I know we were limited on time! Awesome job to [Powered by Play]; you were great!

 Program Manager, MHMR Tarrant

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Team Bonding (Sports!)

As I was searching to find a team bonding activity to further unite a three-time national championship team of 37 women, I felt compelled by a previous Lego Serious Play experience I had been familiar with through graduate school. After getting into contact with [Powered by Play], she was immediately able to get right to the heart of the team’s culture through the use of Lego Serious Play. The session allowed the team to question one another’s values in a healthy laid-back environment, further reuniting this group in a way that has yet been done before.

[Powered by Play] was very attentive to the program’s needs, and was able to build a 3-hour long session with a detailed action plan previously prepared within the coaching staff’s wants/needs. This in itself enabled the coaching staff to weave their purpose into the session simultaneously.

If you are looking for a team/corporate bonding activity that focuses on building one another up through mental preparation in a low-key environment, I would highly recommend going through [Powered by Play] if you are located within the Texas area. With the strategies, activities, music, and guided sense of direction Susan provided, she allowed the group to find their purpose within the team and to continue focusing on the bigger picture.

Baylor Director of Operations (Acrobatics & Tumbling)

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What's Next? Career Workshop

I was surprised by how much you can learn about yourself and others from mind play--different approaches with Legos, creative but also fun. Inner child. I liked using Legos.