At the end of a workshop, it's great to have some artifacts that capture where/how people ended up in their interactions and learning. Sometimes we take pictures of whatever they've created in LEGO, and other times, if we've used a variety of methods to play, it's something that sums up, as only post-its, sharpies, colorful paper, and glitter can, what happened. It may seem like a random mess to people who didn't do the activity, but for those who did, it's a meaningful reminder. 

Here's an artifact that illustrates this well, above:, For an organization, we did a "Group Chemistry" workshop to create an element, which we named after the organization (but not yet, alas, recognized on the Periodic Table of Elements). Like any molecule, it's made up of smaller parts: atoms (the colored circles) and quarks (post-its) and so on. It captures the gifts each person believes they bring to the organization, how they combined them in our "chemistry lab," and what they believed the result of that reaction would be (glitter paper).. In some ways, an artifact is like a secret language, because it's gibberish to outsiders meaningful to those on the inside.