Financial advisors like to start their conversation with you by asking a few basic questions before they discuss your investment strategies and plans: What does money mean to you? What important things in your life? Where do you want to end up? Even if you don't need to have a financial advisor lined up or a pile of money, it's not too soon to contemplate those questions. We offer a workshop that helps people begin to answer those questions, so they're prepared for whatever is coming at them.

Here's what some participants from a recent workshop said money meant to them. ABOVE: Money means ownership, and the house stands for ownership and capitalism, which guards property and won't let anyone else come in. It's fancy, there's extra clocks because with money, the bigger the better, and there's a ladder for an escape route in case bad things happen.

BELOW LEFT: Money means the exhilaration of skiing crash. SO much better to have a powerful fan that gives you the thrill but without the crash.

ABOVE RIGHT: Money is a ladder of income that you climb steadily, and at the end there are flags of freedom, and you can spin the propeller and fly away.

What does money mean to you? How does it fit in with the important things in your life? Come to our next workshop and surprise yourself.