We developed a Community Build Workshop to help the Fort Worth Zoo get the word out on their fundraising effort, A Wilder Vision (yes, check it out and give them $!). The folks at the Trailhead at Clearfork provided a wonderful space in which to do it, once a month, from June to November. There were days we had 220 kids (school's out!) and days we had less than 30 (a grey chilly November left some undaunted). We had lemonade, courtesy Clearfork, on the hot days, and Zoo swag and info, courtesy of the Zoo. The grownups had fun, and the kids sure seemed to have fun too. Here's what we asked kids to do (and yes, the faces are blurred, because internet/kid privacy and safety):

  • Build an AMAZING ANIMAL. We took a picture of the animal with an instant camera, gave the picture to the builder, and sent him/her off to...
  • Find a HABITAT for their animals, out of an array of pictures of habitats. Then we asked them to
  • Create a STORY about their animal in its home.

Yeah, it seems like it just involves throwing a bunch of LEGOs on a table and letting kids go, but in fact, it uses key elements of LEGO® Serious Play® (and any play): it's voluntary, it calls on the creative imagination to build things beyond the material world around us, it requires a little bit of critical thinking (where should my animal live?), and encourages storytelling. These are elements we use in other community builds for grownups--building their organization in the future, updating fairtytales, My Gift to the World (a Holiday Community Build), among others.