Even one model can capture key characteristics. We did a research workshop in the fall of 2015 called "Who Likes Hillary?" and found that millennials weren't wild about Hillary, but they really disliked Trump. We asked participants to build who each candidate was, and these are our picks.

Trump in the rain

Our participant said: Trump is on a high pedestal, It’s raining and he’s shielding only himself with an umbrella [the shaft of the yellow umbrella can be seen]. He’s holding a sword because he wants power.

Hillary weight lifter

Our participant said: Hillary is a weightlifter (related to women’s rights). [Note that she is on level ground, not a pedestal.]


So what did this mean? At the time, we thought it was interesting that millennials were strongly, viscerally against Trump, but were lukewarm about Hillary. In another challenge, we asked people to imagine it was a year later, November 2016, and Clinton had lost: build why. Those models captured perceptions of Clinton's defensiveness and tendency to have controversies stick to her. All the models express perceived characteristics about the candidates with rich efficiency--these are models to go back to and think about.