You’ve had years, maybe decades of experience of meetings and retreats—of conversations—that are supposed to solve a problem or make a decision or at least make people work better together. And they go nowhere, as you listen to people give canned, safe non-answers and spin their wheels. Sometimes, a decision gets made or a solution is suggested, but no one will take ownership of, so nothing gets done, after all that talk.We’ve been there, too, and it is an exasperating, frustrating, foot-stomping experience. And if it’s a conversation you’ve been having with yourself, well, that’s hair-pulling territory too.

This experience becomes more intense when you add in the uncertainty and volatility of the world today, AND the increasing use of screens instead of face-to-face conversations. Something’s missing, and it’s not some expert coming in to tell you what to do. You’re the expert, you just need a way for you and others to access the ideas, experiences, and thoughts in your own heads, and a way to express them so they get a fair and full hearing, with people collaborating on a solution and not staring at a screen.

We found that way when we found out about using play to help people access their own genius to create their own solutions. That’s what we’re offering to you now. Skip the canned non-solutions, build your own successes. Call us, try us, surprise yourself.

Because we use the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology and materials--we're trained facilitators in it--people sometimes think we work for LEGO. We AND the LEGO® Group want you to know that we do not work for LEGO® and LEGO® does not endorse or sponsor us. But we do have a boatload of LEGO® bricks we use in our workshops.